Top-notch scientific excellence

For 30 years, Catalonia’s successive governments have been investing in higher education and scientific excellence. The real drivers of this success are Catalonia’s universities, research centers and large R&D infrastructures, along with a set of policies focused on excellence providing the institutions with the flexibility and autonomy they need to perform their activities.

Biocat Report 2017

The BioRegion of Catalonia hosts 89 research institutions and infrastructures which are developing activities in life sciences and healthcare:

40 Research Centers
12 Universities offering education in these areas
3 Large-Scale Facilities
2 Technology centers
14 Science & Technology Parks
103 Hospitals18 out of the 103 are University Hospitals

Catalonia is currently one of the leading research hubs in Europe

Some indicators even outperform those of other European economies used for comparison

EU contribution in M€ to different countries

H2020 funds

Source: Cordis 2018

Map of Europe
Catalonia 280 190
Austria 208 252
Belgium 290 248
Ireland 89 101
Denmark 181 333
Sweden 304 382
Finland 156 140
Some indicators even outperform those of other European economies used for comparison.
ERC grantees by country Publications in Nature and Science by country Sources: AGAUR and Web of Science

Moving cutting-edge science towards patients

Improving human health through innovation is a message that all the different interests and ideologies can share, and it is one that will help build the alliances of public and private stakeholders needed to drive change.

Jordi Naval, CEO of Biocat

The BioRegion is steadily progressing from a cutting-edge science system to a network of startups bringing therapies to clinical development. BioRegion companies have 3 molecules in Phase III. In just 2 years, the number of molecules at Phase II has increased, mainly in Oncology and Skin/Subcutaneous tissue. If we focus on medical devices, diagnostics and other health technologies, the market is also progressing at the same rate, although the extent is slightly more difficult to quantify.

Biotechnology pipeline (therapeutics)

Biocat Report 2017 / Informe Biocat – biotechnology pipeline (therapeutics) of the BioRegion of Catalonia

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