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Project leader

Telehealth Devices

Start year


Participating organizations

Telehealth Devices, Eurecat

Project aims

To develop the 2.0 version of the portable electrocardiograph device iCardio, useful in preventing heart disease, remote monitoring and predicting worsening conditions. Its main characteristics are its portability and the option to send the data captured to a cloud computer system. The project seeks a quick, personalized, low-cost solution for end users in line with current healthcare needs.

Collaboration framework

Eurecat has provided the support necessary to tackle the technological challenge of improving the hardware and software, technological guidance to find funding through joint participation in public calls and technical support in the certification phase, one of the most important in the creation of a medical device.

Most significant challenges

From a technical standpoint, Eurecat has coordinated a multidisciplinary applied-technology research team, made up of the Functional Printing and Embedded Devices and eHealthresearch units, that has made it possible to overcome the main technological challenges and complete a full product analysis. The most important organizational challenge has been to coordinate these teams and, from a regulatory standpoint, the most noteworthy has been adapting the device to UNE-EN 60601 and UNE-EN 62366 regulations.


The iCardio device is expected to hit the market in spring 2018, after the final certification testing is completed in the first quarter of the year. The target market for iCardio is global, and the company Telehealth expects to provide service and support worldwide.

The project was funded initially with capital contributed by the founding partners and a private venture capitalist. Eurecat has helped apply several public funding options to be submitted soon (SME Instrument).