Close Success Stories Nextcare

Project leaders

Felip Miralles and Josep Roca

Start year


Participating organizations

Eurecat, Hospital Clínic, IDIBAPS, Atos, Wordline, Costaisa Group, SISinf, SONMEDICA, Nabelia, TicSalut, Philips, Esteve Teijin Healthcare, AQuAS, CHV, BRN, BIB, ISGlobal, HealthTech Cluster, MWC, IBEC, CRG, CREB-UPC, FBiG, ACCIÓ, Biocat

Project aims

To develop a comprehensive care model to manage complex chronic patients based on the concept of 4P medicine (predictive, preventative, personalized and participative) in order to support professionals in managing personalized clinical histories, monitoring the status and activities of patients, giving patients recommendations on how to manage their disease themselves and improve their quality of life, and reducing the risk of getting sick.

Collaboration framework

Nextcare is being developed around five actions with important synergies between them, for which 23 organizations are being coordinated, from multinational ICT corporations to clinical research bodies. It is led by Eurecat and Barcelona Hospital Clínic i Provincial. Plus, the project is open to new collaborations. This project is part of the NEXTHEALTH community, coordinated by Biocat and co-funded by the Government of Catalonia through ACCIÓ (Agencia para la Competitividad de la Empresa) and the European Union, under the framework of the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) Catalonia 2014-2020 program, as part of the RIS3CAT strategy.

Most significant challenges

The project is facing key challenges associated with regulatory aspects of managing and integrating large databases. Additionally, the technological results achieved must be transferred to real management of chronic patients, generally by implementing tools generated for outpatient care and transactional health programs.


In its first year, the project reached an agreement with the Programa público de analítica de datos para la investigación y la innovación en salud (PADRIS) to integrate clinical data and has completed a study on outpatient care. It has also advanced in interoperability needs with Cat@Salut La Meva Salut for self-management tools, among others.

The project has consolidated the Rehabilitation Unit at Hospital Clinic under the framework of promoting healthy lifestyles and is assessing the forced spirometry test as a primary-care diagnostic tool.

Two scientific papers have been published in specialized journals and project proposals are expected to be submitted to H2020 and EIT Health in spring 2018.