Close Success Stories Predicting kidney transplant rejection

Project leader

Oriol Bestard

Start year


Participating organizations

IDIBELL, Oxford Immunotech

Project aims

To incorporate a new analysis technique to predict rejection by measuring the anti-HLA antibodies secreted by memory B cells against those antigens. This type of rejection is one of the most frequent causes of loss of kidney grafts.

Collaboration framework

Dr. Bestard's research group (IDIBELL) has contributed its clinical experience and expertise in kidney transplants, from which satisfactory results have been obtained indicating the capacity to predict when a transplanted kidney will be rejected. These results have led to one patent application. The international corporation Oxford Immunotech (United Kingdom) has collaborated in co-developing the kit derived from this technology.

Most significant challenges

The key challenge in this project has been technical. To overcome it, the group has developed a sensitive easy-to-apply assay to assess B cells in the blood after in vitro activation.


IDIBELL has licensed a patent associated with predictive detection of kidney-transplant rejection to the company Oxford Immunotech, which is in the national phases in Europe and the United States. Plus, several collaboration agreements have been signed with this company and IDIBELL has been granted a €750,597 European competitive project for this research. Currently, Oxford Immunotech is working on technical development of the predictive kit and will be in charge of marketing it.