Close Success Stories Galgo Medical

Project leader

Antoni Riu

Start year


Participating organizations

Galgo Medical, Hospital Clinic Barcelona, Pompeu Fabra University

Project aims

To develop and patent post-processing software that can automatically detect electrical conduction channels from high-resolution 3D magnetic resonance images to help electrophysiologists plan and guide ablation throughout their surgeries.

Collaboration framework

Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and Hospital Clinic Barcelona collaborated to develop different types of technology that led to a portfolio of patents. A group of entrepreneurs, six engineers with different backgrounds, decided to crystallize the technology in a start-up, creating Galgo Medical.

Most significant challenges

Transforming possible product ideas from a group of researchers into a salable product of interest to the international clinical community has been a challenge in many ways. The most important challenge was to find the funding to move forward with the projects and keep them alive in the first and successive years. The first financial aid was two Torres-Quevedo grants to hire doctors, a Retos-Colaboración project, a Eurostars project and an ENISA line of credit. Getting the prototype was relatively simple, but it took 5 more years to complete the product and get it ready for market.


The result of the collaboration is the product ADAS3D, which characterizes the myocardial substrate as well as the electric conduction channels using an MRI, in order to identify and plan the best ablation strategy (endo, epi, combined), either ventricular or auricular.

ADAS3D has been granted CE marking, presented at the top international conferences in electrophysiology, used in more than 400 surgeries and is being assessed at the top electrophysiology centers in the world. The product is now ready for market. Galgo Medical has two other products: one geared towards orthopedics in osteoporosis (3D-SHAPER) and the other for planning brain aneurysm operations (ANKYRAS). The company's technology is protected by seven patents.